How to get to Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the most developed cities in Ukraine with a favourable geographical location near the borders of the European Union and a beneficial investment environment.

  •  The train station was built in 1866. The premise is made of brick in the neo-renaissance style. The building has a shape that approximates a strongly elongated rectangle. The architectural focus of the building is the large dome, which is visible from different points of the city. In the first decades after its erection over the dome, there was a sculpture of a winged goddess, which was eventually lost and has not been restored to date. In 1999, the main building of the railway station, landing platforms and the station square were reconstructed.

    Services at the station:

    - ordering and registration of group passenger transportation (0342) 59-28-05;

    - ordering of special wagons for transportation of disabled persons (0342) 59-22-56; 59-22-34; 59-38-34;

    - Information desk on the baggage transportation (0342) 59-24-98; 59-32-22.

    Cash register working hours: 24 hours

    The timetable of passenger trains on the Ivano-Frankivsk station

    Official website of the Ukrainian Railway Company

    Train station address:


    Pryvokzalna Sq., 1

    +38 (0342) 21-22-23

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.925881 E24.722880

  •  Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport, with a convenient geographical location in the centre of Western Ukraine, provides services to all classes of aircraft and operates regular flights to Kyiv and charter international flights to the USA, England, UAE, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and the largest airports of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Permanent international flights to Lviv Airport (130 km from Ivano-Frankivsk) operate from Warsaw, Vienna, Moscow, Timisoara, Naples, Rome, Venice, Munich, Dortmund and Istanbul.

    The history of air transportation in the Carpathian region begins in 1959 when the first passenger flight on the "Stanislav-Moscow" route took place. Three years later, in 1962, the first airport was opened in the city, and in 1992 the airport "Ivano-Frankivsk" received international status. 1962 - in Opryshivtsi village, the southern outskirts of the town, a new airport premise was built, which was completely rebuilt in 1990.

    December 25, 1990 - the airport's artificial runway was put into operation, which made it possible to receive first-class aircraft. May 22, 1993 - the first Boeing 737 passenger aircraft landed at the Ivano-Frankivsk Airport and the first international Ivano-Frankivsk-Manchester (UK) airline was opened.

    Flight Schedule
    Official website of Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport

    Airport address:


    1. E. Konovalets, 264A

    Phone help:

    +38 (0342) 72-83-48

    +38 (0342) 75-95-00

    +38 (0342) 72-80-35

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.887532 E24.707462

  • You can reach Ivano-Frankivsk by bus from almost any city in Europe or Ukraine since there are quite a few shuttle buses going directly to the city or transit from almost every major city, town or village.

    As a rule, they depart from the bus stations in large cities and train stations or other important administrative structures in towns and villages.

    Bus timetables and ticket purchases


    Bus station

    Zaliznychna Sq., 30

    tel .:( 0342) 75-08-30, 75-08-32

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.922390 E24.724538

    Bus Station №2

    I. Horbachevskyi St., 14

    tel .: (0342) 58-36-66

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.944128 E24.691264

    Bus Station №3

    Hetman Mazepa St., 162

    Tel .: (0342) 75-35-47

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.909441 E24.687875

    Bus Station №4

    Yunosti St., 4

    Tel .: (0342) 55-43-99

    GPS coordinates:

    N48.910612 E24.764501

  • If you travel to Ivano-Frankivsk with your own car, then the most convenient highways would be H-9, H-10, H-18.

    The speed limit of car traffic in settlements is 50 km/h. In another terrain, it is usually 90 km/h. However, we recommend that you follow the road signs carefully.