New quarantine restrictions

New quarantine restrictions
Briefly about the most important of them, which relate to the tourism sector

Until December 31, 2020, the national quarantine will continue throughout Ukraine, but without the division of the territories of Ukraine into coloured zones.
Therefore, from November 13, there are new quarantine restrictions throughout Ukraine, which were previously provided for the "orange" quarantine zone.

Briefly about the most important of them for the tourism industry.
- the activity of food establishments (till 22.00);
- the activity of hotels and sanatoriums;
- the activity of cinemas and theatres with filling up to 50% of seats in each hall;
- the activity of museums which can provide stay in premises no more than 1 person on 20 sq.m. m;
- holding cultural and religious events in which up to 20 people participate;
- regular and irregular passenger traffic, but only by the number of seats;
- Excursions on the street are allowed for up to 20 people with social distance and the use of protective masks is recommended. In particular, during the "weekend quarantine".
- the stay in public places and transport without a protective mask, on the street - without documents;
- the work of nightclubs;
- the activities of accommodation facilities (except for hotels and sanatoriums).
Additional restrictions apply on weekends from 00.00 on Saturdays until 00.00 on Mondays from 14 to 30 November
On weekends the work of restaurants, bars, cafes, including hotels is forbidden. Only address delivery or takeaway is allowed. In hotels - room delivery.

Museums, theatres and other cultural institutions will also be closed. It is not allowed to hold cultural events on weekends.
All types of passenger transport will be carried out according to the number of seats (restrictions do not apply only in the subway).
Visiting natural objects, outdoor excursions in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements, walks through the city and parks - out of quarantine!

Source: ДАРТ

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