A selection of plays and movies to create a festive mood. Come with your family or friends and let a real Christmas miracle settle in your hearts.

"Carol and dance"
30.12-29.01 At 18:00 at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater
Christmas carols - "Carol and dance пре Before the age…" - is an enchanting carol-parable about what is the basis of our life on earth, about what unites people and gives a bright Christmas hope for unity in love, as well as was conceived by God from the beginning of the ages.
Golden Golden Chick
02-03.01 at 12:00 at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater
Impressive costumes, music performed by the orchestra and our charismatic actors under the direction of director Rostyslav Derzhypilsky will create an atmosphere of celebration and unforgettable impressions.

 "Hell's Banner, or Cossack Christmas"
Premiere 31.12. at the Lumiere Cinema Theater
A story about heaven and hell, good and evil, about the Cossacks and evil spirits. The film is based on the book "About an old Cossack, a Christmas devil, four horns and a Cossack family" by Sasha Lirnik, who became the screenwriter of the film.
"Hunting for Santa"
Premiere 31.12. at the Lumiere Cinema Theater
The Christmas ad shows a red-cheeked, friendly Santa whose interests are just cookies and milk. This is NOT our Chris Kringle.
???? "Soul"
Premiered at the Lumiere Cinema and the Kosmos Cinema
The cartoon will make you think about what it means to have a soul.
 "Once at Christmas"
05.01. at 17:00 in Ivano-Frankivsk Academic Regional Puppet Theater. Mariyka Pidhiryanka
Christmas show for preschoolers and children of primary school age

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