Bike challenge for you!

Bike challenge for you!
We have great news!

Bike challenge for you!
We have great news!
Franko Bicycle Club and SRCC - Stanislaviv Road Cycling Communityoa together with the Department of Youth Policy and Sports, Department of Investment Policy, Projects, International Relations, Tourism and Promotion of Ivano-Frankivsk announces a new challenge that will allow us to see Ivano-Frankivsk, which in the noise of everyday life we we do not notice. You can also win prizes from your favorite Veterano Pizza Ivano-Frankivsk
The conditions are very simple: a cyclist must visit the 7 locations we offer in 7 days and take 7 photos, respectively, at least one photo on each of them. All these conditions can be met both in one day and during the entire challenge.
For the first time we organized a challenge in this format last year. In the same year, we changed the rules a bit: at the request of participants, we increased the number of days to participate to 11.

Participants are allowed to participate in the competition, who will write a post in which there will be 7 photos from one participant of the following format:
- selfie of a participant of a challenge with a bicycle against the background of a certain location;
- or a photo of a cyclist with a bicycle at a certain location (if the challenge participant is not traveling alone and can be photographed);
- and there may even be just a photo of the bike at the location (if the participant, for example, finds it difficult to take a selfie and he travels himself).
To participate in the challenge, you need to post these photos on your Facebook page with one post with the hashtag # Вело_фото_ІФ_2021 and mark (tighten) in this post:
- Franco Bicycle Club
- SRCC - Stanislaviv Road Cycling Community
- Veterano Pizza Ivano-Frankivsk
- Department of Youth Policy and Sports
- Visit.frankivsk

We will be grateful for a few sentences (or at least a few words) in the message with a review of the challenge. We will wait and read with impatience.
On July 15, we will hold a random drawing of three certificates (worth UAH 500, UAH 300, UAH 200) from our friends veterano pizza and three sets of gifts from the Department of Youth Policy and Sports, the Department of Investment Policy, Projects, International Relations, Tourism and promotions of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk
And now the main thing! We suggest visiting the following locations:
1. The lake on Tovarnaya Street;
2. Museum of the liberation struggle on the street. Tarnavskoho 22;
3. Wooden church in the village of Vovchyntsi;
4. Fortress lane near the Bastion;
5. Stadium "Firefighter" on the street. Shevchenka 78, s. Vovchynets;
6. Sundial on City Lake;
7. Metal figure of a Cossack in the park Primrose.
The challenge begins on July 1, 2021 and will last until July 11 inclusive. Please publish the posts by July 13 inclusive.
A separate request to comply with traffic rules and quarantine restrictions when fulfilling the conditions.

We wish everyone success!

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